"A masterwork. Hauck's a talent to watch."
Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

"Absurdly entertaining."
Ken Jaworowski, New York Times

"Hawkes is fascinating throughout."
Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

"Cinematic virtuosity."
Robert Adele, The Wrap

"The cohesiveness between the film's story and the style of its telling is remarkable and announces Hauck as an emerging talent."
Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

"John Hawkes gives the performance of his career."
"Dennis Hauck’s TOO LATE is the absolute best movie I’ve seen this year"
"TOO LATE feels like when I sat in a darkened church and saw Pulp Fiction for the first time.  Or that time I saw The Matrix. Or There Will Be Blood."
Alan Cerny ("Nordling"), Ain’t It Cool News

"It’s the kind of film I love to write about, a deeply human and impressively stylized shot of pure cinematic euphoria."
Alex Williams, Cinapse

“The film is gorgeously shot and boasts more than a few cinematic surprises .”
“A haunting, quintessential LA caper."
"TOO LATE makes a strong case for celluloid film as more than the stuff of nostalgia."
- Ryan Lattanzio, Thompson on Hollywood

"My reaction to TOO LATE was pretty powerful – just pure elation. It felt to me exactly like the first time I watched PULP FICTION and BOOGIE NIGHTS and RUSHMORE. It is a wholly original thing made out of entirely familiar parts, woven together so expertly that you can’t tell exactly what it is until it has revealed the last of its secrets. I saw it twice, loving it even more the second time around. Beneath the slick, genre veneer lays a real beating heart and a heartbreaking tale that I cannot wait to see again."
C. Robert Cargill ("Massawyrm"), Ain't It Cool News

"I named Too Late my favorite film of Fantastic Fest."
- Chris Lambert, Film Colossus

"There is a classic Hollywood feel that prevails throughout Dennis Hauck's debut feature TOO LATE."
“Between music, performances, cinematography, and just the guts to attempt such a concept, Hauck has a very impressive debut on his hands, and we’ll be watching to see what he attempts next.”
Ryland Aldrich, TwitchFilm

"TOO LATE is too great.  Vail Bloom gives a bravura performance."
Fred Topel, Crave Online

“TOO LATE is more than a gem waiting to be discovered. This is the type of film you need to push on to others to see as if you were selling drugs on The Wire.”
Travis Leamons, Inside Pulse

"The cinematography is nothing short of amazing. We’re talking CHILDREN OF MEN, this-needs-to-be-studied-in-film-school level work."
- Papa Vinyard, Ain't It Cool News

"This is one of those unique films in which the risky experimentative film-making style paid off in the end."
- Flix Chatter

"Hauck's debut is a fascinating study of genre homage and cinematic technique that wears its heart on its sleeve."
- The Film Stage

"John Hawkes blew my ass away with his simultaneously calculated and vulnerable performance."
- Ain't It Cool News

"TOO LATE, a dark love letter to Los Angeles."
- LA Weekly